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2006-hyundai-sonata-right-passenger-side-power-heated-side-view-mirror-painted-golden-beige-metallic-a1-.jpgReady to be installed, these brand new Hyundai Sonata side view mirrors are properly prepped, painted, clear coated and cured before getting shipped to your door.

Using high-quality paint, ReveMoto is able to color match your new side view mirror to the existing paint color of your Hyundai Sonata so you can easily swap the mirrors out and hit the road again. Whether you have a 1999 or 2015 Sonata model, our paint variants will adjust accordingly to account for fading and paint wear. We also guarantee paint matching so if for any reason the mirror does not match, simply contact us and we will paint another one until we get it right.

These mirrors fit and function just like the original manufacturer mirror, including heated and signal light options.

Don't believe us? Trust our customers! Read over 25 reviews customers have left for the 2009 Hyundai Sonata Painted Side View Mirror here.

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