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2013-nissan-maxima-side-view-mirror-painted-deep-blue-metallic-rab-with-memory-and-turn-signal-premium-pkg-back-view.jpgBrand new, painted Nissan Maxima side view mirrors are available at ReveMoto - saving you the hassle of getting a mirror painted at a local body shop. 

Pre-assembled and ready to install, these side view mirrors come with the complete mirror housing, cover and wires needed to ensure your mirror looks, fits and functions just like your original Nissan Maxima factory side view mirror.

Using high-quality paint, ReveMoto is able to color-match your new mirror to the rest of your Maxima so you can get back on the road like new again. Easily install the side view mirror using everyday household tools, like a flathead and Phillips screwdriver, or take it to a body shop for quick installation.

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