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Chevrolet Painted Fenders

Choose from ReveMoto's high-quality, painted Chevrolet fenders designed to match factory (OEM) quality, durability, finish and fit so you can get a reliable fender at an affordable price. Our fenders are made of impact-resistant steel and meets OEM standards, so you are getting the same quality fenders as you would expect when you take your car to an auto body shop.

Fenders are painted to order, which means they are painted to match your specific Chevy year & model. Whether your car is 10 years old or more current, our paint system adjusts the paint color accordingly to account for sun fading and wear over time.

With a socket wrench, flathead and Phillips screwdriver, most every day consumers are able to swap out the new painted fender themselves, saving additional costs of going to get the fender installed at a professional shop.