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Chevrolet Painted Bumper Covers

Painted bumper covers for your beloved Chevrolet are designed to make it easy on you when you get into a minor bumper to bumper collision or accident. Painted bumper covers, also known as the bumper fascia, are mainly cosmetic and could easily be replaced by an every day consumer, like yourself.

Designed to match OEM quality, durability and fit - our Chevy front and rear bumpers are painted to order, which means these parts aren't painted and left in our facility over time. We paint them to specifically match your Chevy and ship it out to you once the paint has cured and is ready to hit the road.

ReveMoto's high-quality paint ensures your new bumper will match the rest of your Chevy with no paint blending or panel sampling necessary. Our advanced paint system can match the bumper to your car, whether it was purchased 10 years ago or more. Plus - our paint comes with a lifetime paint warranty, which means they're designed to last the life of your car and should not experience any fading, peeling or cracking over time.