How much is shipping?

We ship to all 50 states for free. We currently do not ship hoods to Hawaii and Alaska. Orders to Canada will have a shipping and handling charge, $49.99 for small parts and $149.99 for fender or larger parts. We do not ship to any other countries at this time.

Where can I find my paint code/color?

Usually the door jams, under the hood and glove box to name a few. If you still can't find it, you can always call the dealership with your VIN and they'll provide you the paint code. Please do not guess the paint code of your car.


How long does it take to receive my part?

Depending on the part, and the processing method, it can take up to 3.5 weeks or as little as two weeks.


Are your parts OEM, CAPA Certified or Regular Aftermarket?

All our parts will be regular aftermarket unless otherwise stated.


What's the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

Though look and functionality wise they're the same, the main difference is you're paying for the “name” and the material may differ in thickness. But at the end of the day, once it’s on your vehicle, you won’t notice the difference.


Does ReveMoto sell OEM or CAPA-certified car parts?

Yes. We can also get OEM or CAPA-certified car parts. However, these prices are not reflected in the current prices listed on our website. Instead, you will have to call us at 281-561-5300 for a price quote or fill out the form on our Parts Requestpage.

Keep in mind that OEM or CAPA-certified auto body parts will be priced significantly higher than the current prices on our website. However, paint service costs will remain the same and free shipping is still included.


Do the parts come with any hardware like nuts, screws, bolts, and brackets?

No, not at this time. We are currently only selling the painted part itself.


How are your parts shipped?

Depending on the part, it can be shipped via USPS, FedEx or freight. Once you receive your tracking number via email, you’ll know for sure.


What are your guarantees?

Fitment, color-match and a lifetime warranty on our paint jobs.  


When can I wash my vehicle with the new parts?

Preferably 2-3 months before any heavy washing through the machines. Hand washing/waxing is okay.


Do you offer discounts?

We do occasionally run specials during the holidays, so please look out for our coupon codes on Facebook, Twitter & Google+!


Where is your facility located?

Houston, TX. Address: 11515 Tanner Road, Houston TX, 77041


What does with or without wheel opening (molding) mean?

What we mean by this are the holes where the fender flares would be placed on. If you don't have fender flares on your vehicle then it would be without the wheel opening holes. If you're still unsure, you can send photos to sales@revemoto.com and the parts department will help you distinguish.


I don't see my paint code on your website, what should I do?

Please email us your year, make, and model and paint code to sales@revemoto.com. From there we can check and have it added to our website.


Do you sell your parts unpainted?

We do not, but you should be able to find local or online vendors that do.


Why does shipping take so long?

Shipping can take 3-14 days depending on the part, weather conditions and any unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays.


Do you offer local/mobile installations? How much does it cost?

Yes, we do! However, pricing varies depending on the vehicle and part. Please email us at sales@revemoto.com for a quote.


Are you able to paint two-toned parts?

Typically, we do not unless there is a clear break/body line for us to know where to change colors. You can submit a photo to sales@revemoto.com and we can confirm before you purchase.


I don’t see a part on your site. How do I request a car part?

To "Request a Part" the link is: https://www.revemoto.com/pages/painted-parts-request


I received my tracking number, but it's saying USPS doesn't have the product yet. What is going on?

Sometimes USPS doesn't scan the packages in right away especially if they’re oversized. If you don't receive it within 10 business days of receiving your tracking number, feel free to let us know so we can follow-up for you. That or you can call USPS themselves for a faster answer.


Have you ever had problems with the color not matching?

In all honesty, yes. However, this usually only occurs with white pearl paints and some Kia color codes. For the white pearl paints, they usually DO end up matching after a few months once the sun hits the car and lets the pearl in the paint settle. However, many customers are alarmed when it doesn't match right out of the box.

Whenever we know there may be an issue with color-codes, we will request a sample from you to make sure the part comes out to a better match.

We truly believe in providing the best quality painted auto body parts out there - so if the color is off, we'll work with you to make it match.


Do you offer touch-up paint?

Yes, we offer a 1/2 ounce of paint or clear currently $21.99 a bottle. They come with the brushed attached to the cap for easy application.


Issues with my part (fitment, damaged, color-match, etc.).

Please file a claim with our claims department by going on www.revemoto.com and go to our “Claims” page. Claims are very time sensitive so please submit it as soon as you see an issue. Please also provide clear photos and a description of the issue for evaluation.


Do all your parts get clear-coated?

Yes! Anything painted that should have a clear coat will have it.


What's your return policy?

Feel free to read the full disclosure here: https://www.revemoto.com/pages/shipping-returns


How do I check on my order status?

You can check it out on our page under "Order Status" or go to this link: https://www.revemoto.com/pages/order-status


Will the pre-painted auto body part match my car?

Customers are concerned that pre-painted auto body parts will not match their car due to normal wear-and-tear and sun damage over the years. However, we have sent painted body parts out to replace 2000 car models to 2018 car models and have only had 5% color matching issues. When ordering parts from us, we do ask that you use your own discretion as only you can determine if your car has sustained major visible damage over the years. If you're located in the Houston, TX area, you can also come in and we'll inspect your car to give you an honest opinion about your car's condition.

Another option to guarantee paint matching is to send us a small sample of your old, damaged car part that you're trying to replace. We can use this sample to make sure the part matches your vehicle perfectly.


What's the catch with your Lifetime Paint Warranty?

There is none. Our paint supplier, Lesonal, guarantees their paint products (that is why we use them) and their promise to us is that their paint will not wear out over time. So, if our customers have any problems with the paint job in the future - Lesonal will take care of our losses, which in turn allows us to uphold our lifetime paint warranty to our customers.

When getting your car part painted, you should definitely pay attention to the type of paint being used. Often times, body shops will paint it cheaper but will use a lesser quality paint which will chip and fade within a few years.