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About Us

About ReveMoto

At ReveMoto, we believe in simplifying auto body repair. Minor fender benders should be quick, easy and transparent – not a hassle! 

Backing up into your neighbor’s car should not require an entire day that looks like this: 

  1. Researching reputable body shops
  2. Calling around for quotes
  3. Researching the cost of getting a rental car while leaving your car at the body shop
  4. Increasing the cost of your insurance premium

Our goal is to eliminate this!

ReveMoto Painted Auto Body Parts - Building With Sign - Located in Houston TX

ReveMoto provides ready to install, painted auto body parts to both end consumers and business customers – and, best of all, parts are conveniently shipped right to your door! We work with the automotive industry’s leading manufacturers and dealers to get the most competitive prices for our customers while still maintaining excellent, quality standards.

Our company aims at providing affordable, quality products with exceptional customer service.” Christine Nguyen, Co-Founder

Matched with our superior quality products is our helpful customer support team. In an era where automation has taken over, ReveMoto has an in-house team to help you whether you have a question about our products or need assistance with your purchased parts.

At ReveMoto, we believe our customers are our #1 priority. We make sure to answer all incoming calls and emails (or, at least call you back if we miss you!) and are dedicated to making you feel confident in the products and services you purchase from us. All our painted car parts must pass our quality control & inspection team before getting shipped out to you, our customers - thus, ensuring only high-quality car parts leave our facility. We believe our products are a direct representation of our company, and we will continue to deliver the quality we promise to uphold.


Check out this one-minute introductory video about who we are, our products, and our painting process

Our History

While ReveMoto was originally founded by Rolando Balmaceda in 2006, it started as an online store selling tires and wheels. As with many startups, it was an absolutely terrible flop. With a bit of good luck and determination, Rolando got into the used auto body parts business by buying a used car from a mechanic and trying to sell parts off the car for extra income. He would buy one car at a time, scrap it, then sell the parts online. With a growing inventory, he eventually enlisted Christine Nguyen, ReveMoto’s co-owner, to help him move his business out of his parents’ garage.

ReveMoto Automotive Parts Store

By 2009, the used body parts business was official (to us at least!) with ReveMoto’s first automotive parts retail store in Southwest Houston, TX.

Business was good, until it wasn’t. Sadly, we had to end our venture of selling used car parts, partly due to the volatile economy and to eBay's strict listing policy.

Thankfully, due to customer requests, ReveMoto had already started offering brand new car parts and painting services to fulfill customers' needs. By October 2011, the painted auto body parts demand was growing and required an expansion of our retail store in order to meet customers' expectations.



To ensure we can continue providing top quality parts and services, we moved to a 5,000 square foot building in Northwest Houston. In 2014, Christine joined ReveMoto full-time.

ReveMoto Founders Christine Nguyen and Rolando Balmaceda

As of April 2018, to continuously improve our products and services, ReveMoto has moved once again and opened a brand new facility with state-of-the-art equipment.Our team has grown from 2 to 17, and we're constantly adding incredible people who are committed to upholding ReveMoto's integrity.and offering beautiful products we love to create!

In addition to our current services, we offer custom paint matching for walk-in customers who would like us to physically match their cars. We also offer installation services. For business customers, we assist with getting parts to your customers or providing unique painting services to your patented or manufactured parts.

Our new location is located at 11515 Tanner Road, Houston, TX 77041. 


Our Mission

ReveMoto is a painted auto body parts store with a vision to revolutionize the auto body parts industry. By shipping painted bumpers, fenders, hoods, side view mirrors and tailgates right to consumer doors, ReveMoto offers a convenient solution for the do-it-yourself customer who wants to minimize the down time they spend without their vehicles. Businesses such as mechanic shops, fleets and dealerships can also get their vehicles looking new again without sacrificing quality or time.

Focused on superior products and exceptional customer service, ReveMoto uses high-quality paint to ensure paint matching and offer customers a lifetime paint warranty from any paint peeling, fading or cracking. With dedicated representatives to address customer needs, ReveMoto aims to create an unforgettable customer experience with every customer encounter.

We truly strive to provide customers with the products we’re proud to produce. Each member of our team is very dedicated to their work and field of expertise, and we feel this really carries over into the products we create.

Bear with us (perfection takes time), trust us (integrity is our thing), and we'll deliver!

Painted Auto Body Part Before and After
Painted Auto Body Part Installed