Does ReveMoto have guarantees or warranties?

Absolutely! We guarantee our paint match. With over 9 years of experience in painting car panels and auto body parts, we are always working with our customers and vendors to ensure we continue to perfect our craft. This means we have an internal research and development team who is always improving our paint match when we find a problem with any colors or years.

If you are still skeptical about ReveMoto's paint match, we offer the option of sending in a paint sample, which is simply a 6x6 inch cutout of the damaged part or your fuel/gas door. With a sample, we are able to custom match your brand new part to your paint sample. While sending in a paint sample is not necessary, if you prefer to send one in, you can follow this process:

  1. Add the painted car part you need to your shopping cart
  2. During checkout, let us know you'll be sending in a sample by simply stating "Will be sending in paint sample" in the Comment box
  3. Complete your purchase & save your Order Confirmation Number
  4. Cut out a 6x6 inch piece of the damaged part, or remove your gas cap
  5. Send your sample to:

    ReveMoto (Attn: Paint Match Dpt)
    Order #: XXXX, Customer Name
    11515 Tanner Road
    Houston, TX 77041

  6. If you have a tracking number, email it to sales@revemoto.com with the Subject line "Order #: XXXX, Customer Name - Paint Sample Tracking" and our team will be on the lookout for it!


We truly believe in providing the best quality painted auto body parts in the industry, so we do our best to get a high-quality paint finish & match.

There is ONE exception to our paint match guarantee: Your car cannot have been repainted before. This includes fixing your car from a prior accident where it might have been repainted. Most body shops will blend the paint on adjacent panels, which changes the original paint color.



Paint Questions

How does ReveMoto paint match panels if they don’t have the car?

       Most body shops will say that a painted panel cannot be color matched without the car present and, or, without blending the paint (see above question). This is not entirely true. 

Our paint line is formulated to match the mixture from the original formula the manufacturer painted the vehicle. What we do is choose the variant or create a special formula to mimic the color fading that the vehicle would experience depending on age of vehicle. This means we do NOT paint your perfectly good adjacent panels; we don’t charge extra for labor and we don’t keep your car for days or weeks. 

Please see our reviews.


Have you ever had problems with the color not matching?

       In all honesty, yes. However, this usually only occurs with white pearl paints and some problematic color codes. We have been painting for over 9 years and have resolved a lot of problematic colors with the help of our Direct Partnership with Akzonobel and Vendors.

If you’re still concerned, we are more than happy to get a paint sample from you. We request a 6x6 inch panel or fuel door to custom match your order. We truly believe in providing the best quality painted auto body parts in the industry, so if the color is off, we'll work with you to ensure it matches.


What paint system does ReveMoto utilize?

        We use the Lesonal paint system from AkzoNobel. AkzoNobel has been a paint manufacturer among other different industries for decades. We use their Lesonal paint line, which is their high-quality, solvent-based paint. Their system provides us with a wide variety of paint colors and color variants based on their extensive research and development. AkzoNobel’s high-quality paint and materials provide us with necessary materials to achieve vibrant paint matches and long-lasting painted auto parts.


What's the catch with your Lifetime Paint Warranty?

We use the Lesonal paint system by AkzoNobel. Their paint is a high-quality paint and materials that allows us to spray a superior finish. We also have experienced painters and quality & control professionals that handle your part every step of the way. No paint chipping, spider webs, paint peeling, paint cracking or bubbling/lifting up.

We stand by our quality and our commitment to our customers. If you have any issues with your painted part, please contact us at sales@revemoto.com or visit this link.

(Our warranty does not cover rock chips or any external damage to your part. This only covers painting defects caused in the paint process.)



Does ReveMoto clear coat their auto parts?

        Yes! All our parts receive 2-3 passes of clear coat to achieve a proper full coverage, referred to as OEM film thickness. The clear coat or top coat is what provides that glossy shine to your car and will protect the paint coat from harmful elements. Check out our article on clear coat.


Does ReveMoto’s parts have defects in the topcoat?

        Yes, there is usually at the very least some small amount of dirt that gets on the topcoat/clear-coat. Yes, we do buff out any dirt and debris from out painted parts. 

We have highly trained paint correction team that will remove any dirt or excessive orange peel from your painted panel. We use the Rupes paint correction system that allows us to tackle any defects on our painted parts.


Do you offer touch-up paint?

       Yes, we offer a 1/2 ounce of custom mixed paint (base coat) in glass touch-up bottles. You could also select from our bundles, which may include variations of sealer, base coat, and clear coat. They come with a high-quality bristle brush for easy and precise application. Visit our page; https://www.revemoto.com/collections/automotive-touch-up-paint. If you don’t see your specific color, give us a call or chat with one of our team members so we can assist you.


Can I send in my primer part(s) to be painted?

        No, we do not accept auto parts that are not from our warehouse. We ensure that all our parts will fit your vehicle without any issue and that the quality is only the best. We cannot ensure that from other manufacturers. 

Not all aftermarket parts are created equal. These parts travel a long distance are susceptible to damage(s). Among aftermarket parts, there is grade system based on its imperfections. We only use parts that are near perfect to minimal imperfections, A-B quality.

Third part vendors will sell any type of bumper, from new to refurbished. The process of manufacturing the parts is important to the longevity of a car part. We get only the best parts. 


Are you able to paint two-toned parts?

       Typically, we do not unless there is a clear break/body line for us to know where to change colors. You can submit a photo to sales@revemoto.com or call and we can confirm before you purchase.


Where can I find my paint code/color?

       The most common area to find your paint/color code is on the plaque located on your driver side door jam. You will see your vehicle identification number (VIN) and above or below that you can find the paint code. If you cannot find it there, some manufacturers place the code under the hood, in the glove compartment, or in the trunk. If you are at wits end or don’t have the time to search, you can call any dealership that sells your specific model and ask their “parts” department for the code; just provide your VIN.


I don't see my paint code on your website, what should I do?

        Please email us your year/make/model and paint code to sales@revemoto.com, so we can do our research and add the missing color. You could also contact us on our landline, 281.561.5300 or fill out a parts request regarding the missing paint code.



How do I maintain new painted car parts?

Only hand wash your car for the next 3 months after you receive your painted car part. The paint is still considered “soft” and will take some time to fully cure during the 3-month period. Automated car washes have giant spinning brushes that are too abrasive for “soft” paint. Therefore, we recommend only hand washing, buffing and waxing your newly painted parts during this period.



Part Questions

Does ReveMoto sell high quality auto body parts?

       We sell aftermarket auto body parts. It’s important to know the different types of aftermarket parts. There is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, CAPA (certified automotive parts association) parts and aftermarket parts. All parts must meet a rigorous factory inspection. OE stands for original equipment and is the original parts assembled by the manufacturer.

  •       OEM parts are made by 3rd party companies in contract with the manufacturer to sell specifically through the dealerships (i.e. Mopar is owned by GMC)
  •       CAPA parts are certified and inspected by an independent party (certified auto parts association) to meet specific quality and strength standards. CAPA parts are the standard when insurance companies adjust for vehicle collisions.
  •       Aftermarket parts are often made by the same manufacturer as OEM and CAPA parts but do not hold the above titles. These parts are often indistinguishable from CAPA and OEM parts.


Does ReveMoto sell OEM or CAPA-certified car parts?

        Yes, we sell OEM (dealership) and CAPA (certified automotive parts association)-certified car parts. However, these prices are not reflected on our website. Instead, you will have to call us at 281-561-5300 for a price quote or fill out the form on our Parts Request page.

Keep in mind, that OEM or CAPA-certified auto body parts will be priced significantly higher than the current prices on our website. However, paint service costs will remain the same and free shipping is still included.


Do the parts come with any hardware like nuts, screws, bolts, and brackets?

        All parts come bare stock; which means they do not come with any accessories. The only exception is when it is clearly stated on the product page and you can add it in the drop down options. We highly recommend reusing any accessories that are not damaged; grilles, fog lights, screws, clips etc. If you do need installation hardware, your local dealership, hardware, or auto parts stores will typically carry them. 


What does with or without wheel opening (molding) mean?

        Wheel opening or molding refers to a fender with holes that allows a fender flare to be installed. If you don't have fender flares on your vehicle then it would be without the wheel opening holes. If you're still unsure, you can send photos to sales@revemoto.com or call us at 281.561.5300 and our customer service team will assist you.



Shipping Questions

How much is shipping?

        We have FREE shipping in the continental USA. (Sorry Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & Puerto Rico!) Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico will have a $499 freight fee. Our Canadian neighbors will have a shipping and handling charge of $49.99 for small parts and $499 for parts larger than mirrors. You'll see the final charge during checkout

Canada shipments via freight are subject to Canadian duty (tax) paid by a Canadian citizen. Expected delivery time is longer than 3½ weeks for any delivery outside the continental USA and may take up to 4-6 weeks. (Again, these are estimated time frames since unforeseen circumstances can occur.) We do not ship to any other countries currently.


How long does it take to receive my part?

        We have a long list of orders we are constantly processing with two active state-of-the-art paint booths. Generally, you'll receive your part(s) within 3½ weeks, except for our side view mirrors which is typically received within 2½ weeks.

Our large fenders, bumpers and hoods ship via freight and can take 5-7 business days. This heavily depends on your response to the freight carrier when the call for a delivery appointment and if you live in a rural area.

Any shipments outside the 48 states may take 4-6 weeks, excluding side view mirrors. (Again, these are estimated time frames since unforeseen circumstances can occur.) 

Expedited options may be available upon check out depending on demand. Large items typically arrive within 2-2½ weeks while our smaller parts arrive within 1-1½ weeks if expedited. 

If you're a local customer, parts should be ready within 2½ weeks for larger parts and 1½ weeks for smaller parts for pick-up.


I received my tracking number, but it's saying USPS doesn't have the product yet. What is going on?

        Sometimes USPS doesn't scan the packages in right away. We drop off our parts onto their loading dock that is often inundated with all types of other parcels. Because they are usually short staffed and deal with thousands of packages, they often do not scan every parcel. Your package will likely, and usually scanned once it arrives at a USPS sort facility.

If you don't receive a scan or update within 10 business days of receiving your tracking number, feel free to let us know so we can follow-up on your package for you.


Does ReveMoto fold their bumpers when shipping?

       We do NOT fold our painted bumper covers during shipping. Folding a vehicle bumper will not only affect the durability of the bumper but it can cause the paint to crack and, or, chip in the process. Yes, even if flex additive is added in the paint mixture, it will negatively impact the paint. 

If you’re wondering how one folds a bumper, our competitors fold the outside corners of the bumper cover into the middle and secure it with tape. Instead of your bumper being in a general curve or “C” shape, the ends are folded in touch the center part. This method of shipping is not ideal as it may often cause damages to your bumper, or compromise the integrity of the paint.


What happens if I entered the wrong shipping address?

Please double-check you have entered the correct shipping address.
ReveMoto is not responsible for any shipments shipped incorrectly due to a wrong shipping address. Please note, we do not ship to P.O boxes.

For items that are refused or returned to us, due to an invalid address, ReveMoto may charge a fee to have the shipment be shipped back out. Packages shipped from our facility are shipped with insurance, so depending on the products ordered, reshipping charges may vary. If an item is refused and returned for any reason, outside of damages, then ReveMoto may charge a return freight plus a 50% restocking fee.


Other Questions

Is buying car parts online safe?

        ReveMoto is 100% safe, our website is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certified. That means any link between httpS://www.revemoto.com and your browser is encrypted. You’ll notice that we capitalize the “S” in the above URL; this indicates that our site is secure. You should also notice the  symbol by our domain, also indicating our site is safe.


Is it a good idea to buy auto body parts online?

       The internet has brought a lot of convenience to us all. You can purchase a wide variety of auto parts online today. When it comes to car parts, you want to make sure you’re buying brand new items and not refurbished ones. 

At ReveMoto, we only sell high quality, brand new painted auto parts. Source our parts only from the best manufactures to the highest quality and guarantee the fitment of all our parts.


Why not buy from a local body shop?

       We would certainly appreciate your business, but we don’t discourage work from a local collision shop. The main difference is;

  •       You won’t have to leave your car at a shop for days or weeks.
  •       We do not do any paint blending.

“Paint blending” is a method of painting around 50% of adjacent parts so you cannot see with the naked eye that painted car part, does not match. With ReveMoto you’ll keep the rest of your car factory original. Also, the convenience and hassle-free approach of purchasing online will save you the trouble of looking for a reputable paint shop.


Does ReveMoto sell unpainted, primer parts?

        We do not sell unpainted-primer parts at this time. We specialize in high quality, pre-painted automotive body parts. 



Do you offer discounts?

       We do occasionally run specials during the holidays, so please look out for our coupon codes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and don’t forget to sign up for our ReveMoto mailing list.


Where is ReveMoto Painted Auto Body Parts located?

        We are in the beautiful and insanely hot Houston, TX. If you’re a local or just in town, stop on by if you’d like.

Address: 11515 Tanner Road, Houston TX, 77041



Do you offer local/mobile installations? How much does it cost?

       Yes, we do! However, pricing varies depending on the vehicle and part. Please email us at sales@revemoto.com or call for a quote.



I don’t see the car part I need; do you sell it?

       We are constantly updating our website to reflect the most up to date auto parts and pricing. It’s a daunting task, so we may not have your part listed yet but that doesn’t mean we cannot get it for you. Follow this link to request a car part:                                  



What is ReveMoto claim or return policy?

  • If the part is damaged in shipping, we’ve got you covered as long as you follow the receiving instructions we also send in our emails.
  • Freighted items needs to be checked entirely for any damages and marked on the delivery receipt. If the courier doesn't let you check it for some reason, just note it on the delivery receipt as well. But once you sign for it, it's yours to keep. (Sorry, the freight couriers are really strict once they have your signature.)
  • You have 30 days to final any claim regarding fitment and paint match

Hopefully you’ve selected the correct part with correct features and paint code. If there is any damage to your part or RevMoto has made an error, please notify us promptly. Depending on your situation our claims team has a proven track record to correct any mistakes. 

Please file a claim with our claims department by going to our homepage, at the bottom you’ll see link to our “claims” page. Or, click the link below:


Claims are very time sensitive so please submit it as soon as you see an issue. Please also provide clear photos and a description of the issue for evaluation.

Visit https://www.revemoto.com/pages/shipping-returns for more information.


How do I check on my order status?

        Be sure to check your email. We provide you with updates on the many stages your order goes through. From prepping your car parts all the way to sending you the tracking information. 

Sometimes the e-mails do get lost in the SPAM folder, so please check there first. You can check your status on our homepage’s top right corner, "Order Status" or click the link below. Of course, you can always give us a call or email us at sales@revemoto.com and we are more than happy to update you on your orders status.



I received my side view mirror, installed it, and it's vibrating; What do I do to fix this?

Chances are, the backing plate isn't clipped properly into the swivel joint that allows you to position the mirrors to your driving position and therefore causes the vibrations. Please try to give the glass a firm but gentle push and hopefully you'll hear a pop/click and the problem should be solved.

If this doesn't solve the issue, we request you to file a claim with our Claims department, they would be more than happy to assist you with a solution. The link is:



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