Processing & Shipment

What happens if the car part is damaged during shipping?

All of our products are insured through the shipping couriers when shipped out. So, if it's been damaged during transit - all we'll need from you is a photo of the damages so that we can provide this to the shipping courier. Then, we'll ship you out a brand new one as soon as possible.

There will be absolutely NO additional charges to you. All we'd need are photos of the damages as proof for the shipping courier - and we'll handle the rest!

How long does it take for the product to ship out?

For most items, it takes anywhere from 10-14 days after you place your order for your product to get painted, cured, and prepped for shipping. This depends on how busy the season is. Then, it'll take another 10-14 days transit time with the shipping courier. So, in total, you're looking anywhere between 3-4 weeks from ordering the product to having it arrive at your door.

For our painted side view mirrors and smaller items, it takes 6-7 days for painting, curing and quality control. Then, another 2-4 days transit time with the shipping courier. So, for these smaller items, you're looking at between 1.5-2 weeks from order the product to receiving it at your door.


Paint Matching & Services

Will the pre-painted auto body part match my car?

Customers are concerned that pre-painted auto body parts will not match their car due to normal wear-and-tear and sun damage over the years. However, we have sent painted body parts out to replace 2000 car models to 2014 car models and have not had any complaints about color matching. When ordering parts from us, we do ask that you use your own discretion as only you can determine if your car has sustained major visible damage over the years. If you're located in the Houston, TX area, you can also come in and we'll inspect your car to give you an honest opinion about your car's condition.

Another option to guarantee paint matching is to send us a small sample of your old, damaged car part that you're trying to replace. We can use this sample to make sure the part matches your vehicle perfectly.

Have you ever had problems with the color not matching?

In all honesty, yes. However, this usually only occurs with white pearl paints and some Kia color codes. For the white pearl paints, they usually DO end up matching after a few months once the sun hits the car and lets the pearl in the paint settle. However, many customers are alarmed when it doesn't match right out of the box.

As for the Kia color codes, there seems to be an issue with the color code the dealership provides and the color that actually comes out. However, when we get these orders - we simply ask for you to send in a gas cap (or sample piece from the damaged car part) and we can exact color match it that way without needing the color code.

We truly believe in providing the best quality painted auto body parts out there - so if the color is completely off, we'll work with you to make it match.

How can I make sure I choose the right paint code for my car?

You can usually find it on a car sticker, which is usually found in the door jam, under the hood, inside the trunk, or in the glove box. If you're unable to find the code, you can also call your local dealership to ask for the paint code for your car by providing them with your VIN (vehicle identification number), which is usually found on the driver's side door jam or on your insurance card.

If you're unable to find the information, you could also provide us with your VIN on the Cart Page during checkout and we will check the paint code for you. Please do not guess the color of your car.

Will you paint an auto body part that I did NOT purchase from ReveMoto?

No. We only sell certified auto body parts by our trusted vendors, which has been tested for safety regulations and are properly primed to ensure the quality of our products.

What's the catch with your Lifetime Paint Warranty?

There is none. Our paint supplier, Lesonal, guarantees their paint products (that is why we use them) and their promise to us is that their paint will not wear out over time. So, if our customers have any problems with the paint job in the future - Lesonal will take care of our losses, which in turn allows us to uphold our lifetime paint warranty to our customers.

When getting your car part painted, you should definitely pay attention to the type of paint being used. Often times, body shops will paint it for cheaper but will use a lesser quality paint which will chip and fade within a few years.


Part Fitment & Quality

Are ReveMoto’s new auto parts OEM compatible?

Yes. All of our aftermarket new auto parts will have the same standards and fit compatibility as OEM body parts.

Does ReveMoto sell OEM or CAPA-certified car parts?

Yes. We can also get OEM or CAPA-certified car parts. However, these prices are not reflected in the current prices listed on our website. Instead, you will have to call us at 281-561-5300 for a price quote or fill out the form on our Parts Request page.

Keep in mind that OEM or CAPA-certified auto body parts will be priced significantly higher than the current prices on our website. However, paint service costs will remain the same and free shipping is still included.


Pickup & Installation

Can I pick up in-store?

Yes. We offer local pickup at our location on 6450 Skyview Drive, Houston, TX 77041. Please select the "Local Pickup" option during checkout, and we'll let you know when your items are ready for pickup!

Are products available in-store, even if I don’t place my order online?

We recommend you call us if you don’t want to place an order online so we can check our inventory to ensure we have your parts available before your arrival. If we don’t have them in-store, we’ll gladly notify you when a new shipment comes in with the part you need.

Will your facility located in Houston, TX install the new auto part for me?

Unfortunately, we do not currently install auto body parts at our current location. However, we will be offering installation services starting in January.


Price Comparison & Discounts

Will you match competitor prices?

No. Our prices are not the cheapest, and our products directly reflect that. Not only will you get the best customer service on the market, but our quality and workmanship surpass many other companies we've seen in the industry. With ReveMoto, you'll always get someone to answer your call (or call you back), and we'll work with you if you are not satisfied with our painted car parts. We also guarantee the fitment of our parts, and painted parts come with a lifetime paint warranty. (Yes, we're that confident in our materials & service!)

Do you offer discounts?

We do occasionally run specials during the holidays, so please lookout for our coupon codes on Facebook, Twitter & Google+!

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