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Remember: We offer a paint match guarantee. And, we're the only company that does that, so if that's your concern - don't forget you can always send in a paint sample. Our parts are made to last for years to come, not start chipping in a couple of months after driving your car. So while that may take some time, we promise it's worth it.

Any other questions? Please ask!

If you did indeed want to cancel your order, we're sorry to hear that! If you're still sure you want to cancel, please read the following:

Please fill out the form below for approval. Remember, we only allow cancellations within 24 hours of placing your order. This applies for orders with standard shipping. For expedited orders, no cancellations are allowed after you place the order as we work on these quickly to meet the turnaround time. See our full Cancellation Policy.

If your cancellation falls within the allowable time frame, we will contact you to confirm the cancellation. As a reminder, if you cancel your order and decide to reorder at a later time, your turnaround time will restart as our system pulls orders based on your current order number & date.

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