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Why Purchase Painted Car Parts?

September 26, 2020 4 min read

ReveMoto's painted car parts offer superior matching and ideal pricing and efficiency for customers who need vehicle replacement parts. With a painted car part from ReveMoto, you'll enjoy the convenience of having your replacement part delivered directly to your door already painted, cured, and ready to install. This can save you time, money, and hassle -- and we use better paint than many body shops, at a better price.

Read on to learn more about ReveMoto's paint, our processes, and our lifetime guarantee on paint and checkout our painted parts reviews.


What Makes ReveMoto's Paint Superior

ReveMoto offers custom color matched painted parts with a lifetime guarantee on paint. Each part is painted to order and color matched to ensure your part will look perfect with the rest of your vehicle. And while ReveMoto delivers a premium service that can be very expensive at the body shop, with ReveMoto, you'll enjoy a fair, affordable price with convenience and efficiency.

With a set price for each painted car part, you can ensure that your purchase will be both fair and affordable. Unlike some body shops, ReveMoto will not try to nickel and dime you according to your knowledge about paint prices. Rather, every customer will pay the same affordable price for each part.

ReveMoto's paint process also offers convenience and efficiency. While at a body shop, you may have to rent a car and leave your car behind to paint, blend, and cure the finish, then install the part, all you have to do with ReveMoto is place your order, take delivery, and follow simple installation instructions. Even if you have your part installed by a professional, you'll save both money and time, as your part won't have to be painted or blended with paint cure time: it arrives ready to go.


ReveMoto's High Quality Paint Product

ReveMoto exclusively uses Lesonal paints, which are custom mixed in-house. This high quality solvent based paint product is known for its perfect color matching and durability and is trusted by leading dealerships and reputable body shops nationwide. Lesonal meets the highest quality standards on the market with easy to match, durable colors that have a great finish. ReveMoto trusts Lesonal paint for perfect results with a lifetime warranty.


How ReveMoto Paints Car Parts

Each car part that ReveMoto paints is painted in our paint booth. This booth is well ventilated and cleaned frequently to minimize dust. After each part is painted, we perform a quality inspection to check for paint drips or dust. Any imperfections are buffed out so that you can enjoy a perfect finish on your newly painted car part.

ReveMoto's painters are trained by our paint vendor, learning the proper techniques for applying paint and creating custom paint codes to generate color matches for our customers' vehicles. And as new techniques and system upgrades are introduced a few times a year, our painters receive training updates, so they're always on top of the latest in painting knowledge.


How ReveMoto Ensures Perfect Color Matching

To ensure a perfect color match for your painted car part, we require your vehicle identification number (VIN) or paint code and year. This allows us to use our system to generate a perfect match.

Our paint manufacturer frequently takes in paint samples and conducts research on paint fading for different car panels over time. Each paint code variant will match a particular car's year, make and model. With your VIN or paint code and year, we are able to input the paint code, and our system will generate the perfect color to match your existing paint -- including the typical fade experienced over the years.


Sending in a Part for Paint Matching

While our color matching is typically perfect with just your VIN or paint code and year, you can send in a paint sample if you'd like. With a sample, we are able to color match by comparing it to our large paint sample inventory, and will adjust grams of paint as needed. Sending in a part is not necessary to get a perfect match on paint, but if you prefer to send it in, you can follow this process:

  1. Order the part
  2. Find your confirmation email with your order number
  3. Email with your order number to inform us that you're sending in a sample
  4. Cut out a 6x6 inch piece of the damaged part, or remove your gas cap
  5. Send your sample to:

    ReveMoto (Attn: Paint Dpt)
    Order #: XXXX, Customer Name
    11515 Tanner Road
    Houston, TX 77041

Returns and ReveMoto's Lifetime Paint Warranty

While ReveMoto's process ensures that your new painted car part should match perfectly, if it doesn't, you can send it back. If you need to make a return for paint match, simply follow this process:

  1. Contact us at and send us photos of the part side-by-side with your car
  2. ReveMoto will reply and send you a shipping label to return the mismatched part, as well as a shipping label to send us a paint sample
  3. Upon receipt of the return and the paint sample, a new part will be painted to match the sample, and the part will be delivered to you

ReveMoto's high quality paint product is guaranteed for life. Our paint is designed to last as long as your car does: under normal conditions, our paint should never show any peeling, fading, or cracking. If you notice any problems with your paint, simply contact us at to arrange for a new painted part under our lifetime paint warranty.

Have questions about our paint, paint processes, returns, or lifetime paint guarantee? Simply contact us at We're happy to answer questions!