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Will Pre-Painted Auto Body Parts Match My Car?

4 min read

pre-painted car parts that match exactly to your car paint

Pre-painted auto body parts will match your car -- this is a top concern for people buying painted parts, especially online. But it's fair to question how a company that's never seen your car in person is able to color match your fender, bumper, or any other part to perfectly match your vehicle. Here's how ReveMoto makes sure your painted car parts match.

Why Pre-Painted Auto Body Parts Match Your Car

Paint companies conduct extensive research to closely match your original car color, using your car's paint code to blend a mix of colors and elements.

But not all pre-painted car parts will be a perfect match. Buying the cheapest part you can find may result in a poor match, as there's a lot of detail and technique in painting and color matching. The materials and equipment play a huge role on the process. The most important aspect is the painter and the knowledge the experience that will ultimately determine if you will have a long-lasting vibrant paint job.

Here are some key points in the paint process:

  • Quality of paint and paint materials used
  • Proper preparation of each part before it’s painted
  • Painter's knowledge and experience
  • Proper painting equipment
  • Quality control after painting

Each company has a unique way of creating your specific paint mix, so it's very important that you do proper research before purchasing your pre-painted auto body part from an online store or marketplace.

Paint Blending vs. ReveMoto

Most body or collision shops will match your paint by blending in the panels. Essentially, overpainting. That's not what ReveMoto does: we develop custom paint mixes to guarantee a perfect match.

Here's how paint blending works: Let’s say that you need your front bumper cover painted. Most body shops will paint your front bumper cover and then paint 50% of your hood and fenders. When the bumper cover is painted, the painter will move to the adjacent panels and will spray the paint, flicking it away. This will create the illusion that the color is slowly blending into the original paint color. If done correctly, you should not be able to see the blend job and if done poorly, you will have a two-toned car.

What we do at ReveMoto is not the same as paint blending. We paint the standard manufacturer's paint color. We achieve this with our Lesonal paint system that has not only the standard pour for paint but several variants depending on the year, make and model of the car. Our paint line is formulated to match the mixture from the original formula the manufacturer painted the vehicle. What we do is choose the variant or create a special formula to mimic the color fading that the vehicle would experience depending on age of vehicle.

Paint Manufacturers

Popular paint manufacturing companies include Akzo Nobel, PPG, Sherwin-Williams, and DuPont. The advantage in higher quality materials equals to longer lasting and vibrant colors.

  • AkzoNobel: Maintaining the top spot for the past three years in the "World's Top Ten Paint Brands" according to the World Paint & Coatings Industry Association (WPCIA), AkzoNobel is the largest global paints and coatings company. AkzoNobel supplies industries and consumers worldwide with quality, innovative paint. Made of high quality and protective durability, AkzoNobel paint may cost up to twice as much as other common paint options, but its superior quality is hard to beat. Its extensive color matching research focuses on achieving the finish you are looking for, taking into account temperature from different regions, fading over time, and color variations of each individual color.
  • Dupont: As a recognized leader in car paint, Dupont offers top quality paint which is used by some of the leading car manufacturers nationwide. More expensive than other paint products, it can be costly to use Dupont paint on your auto body parts or vehicle. However, as one of the largest OEM paint suppliers, Dupont does not disappoint with its color matching paint technology and reliable clear coats to protect your car for years to come.
  • PPG: Founded in 1883, PPG is the second-largest paint manufacturer and leader in waterborne technology. This technology helps increase shop productivity by reducing the dry time, making it a popular option for collision centers focused on reducing cycle time. PPG is widely used because of its durability and affordability. Some critics may say you sacrifice some quality with PPG paint, but at its price point, it's a great option for price conscious buyers. You get good colors and decent matches at a great price.
  • Sherwin-Williams: At the most affordable price point is Sherwin-Williams. Buyers often opt for Sherwin-Williams because it is the most easily accessible for the everyday consumer. You can drive to a local store, with or without owning a body shop, and pick up a gallon or so of paint for yourself. However, the quality of Sherwin-Williams paint does not compare to industry leaders. Critics of Sherwin-Williams express their concern with the color matching capability of its paint. But those seeking to save money may find this the most affordable option. If car panels are blended using Sherwin-Williams paint, it is often difficult to spot by the average consumer; thus making it a viable option for many body shops and users.

For every paint manufacturer, there are different levels of paint types and paint quality that the manufacturer creates within the company. We are simply looking at the most commonly used paint products by each company.

Every pre-painted aftermarket car part reseller uses different paint materials, which leads into a different level of paint quality and painting techniques. Before deciding to purchase your auto body part online and getting it pre-painted to match your car, you'll want to make sure you know what type of paint the company uses and whether it meets your standards.

Check reviews and think about what aspect is most important to you, whether it's the paint quality, affordability, customer service, or product warranties.

With ReveMoto, you can rest assured knowing your pre-painted car parts will match your car. We develop custom paint mixes and offer an option to send in a paint sample. We're confident in our work and offer a paint match guarantee.

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