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Chevrolet HHR Painted Fenders

Chevrolet HHR Painted Fenders Most Frequently Asked Questions

Paint, Fitment, Quality & More

Most body shops will say that a painted panel cannot be color matched without the car present and, or, without blending the paint (see above question). This is not entirely true.

Our paint line is formulated to match the mixture from the original formula the manufacturer painted the vehicle. What we do is choose the variant or create a special formula to mimic the color fading that the vehicle would experience depending on age of vehicle. This means we do NOT paint your perfectly good adjacent panels; we don’t charge extra for labor and we don’t keep your car for days or weeks.
Please see our reviews.

We guarantee our paint match. See our Paint Match Guarantee

With over 12 years of experience in painting car panels and auto body parts, we are always working with our customers and vendors to ensure we continue to perfect our craft. This means we have an internal research and development team who is always improving our paint match when we find a problem with any colors or years.

If you are still skeptical about ReveMoto's paint match, we offer the option of sending in a paint sample, which is simply a 6x6 inch cutout of the damaged part or your fuel/gas door. With a sample, we are able to custom match your brand new part to your paint sample. While sending in a paint sample is not necessary, if you prefer to send one in, you can follow this process:

1. Add the painted car part you need to your shopping cart

2. During checkout, let us know you'll be sending in a sample by simply stating "Will be sending in paint sample" in the Comment box

3. Complete your purchase & save your Order Confirmation Number

4. Cut out a 6x6 inch piece of the damaged part, or remove your gas cap

5. Send your sample to: ReveMoto (Attn: Paint Match Dpt)Order #: XXXX, Customer Name11515 Tanner RoadHouston, TX 77041

6. If you have a tracking number, email it tosales@revemoto.comwith the Subject line "Order #: XXXX, Customer Name - Paint Sample Tracking" and our team will be on the lookout for it!

We truly believe in providing the best quality painted auto body parts in the industry, so we do our best to get a high-quality paint finish & match.

There is ONE exception to our paint match guarantee: Your car cannot have been repainted before. This includes fixing your car from a prior accident where it might have been repainted. Most body shops will blend the paint on adjacent panels, which changes the original paint color.

Yes! All our parts receive 2-3 passes of clear coat to achieve a proper full coverage, referred to as OEM film thickness. The clear coat, or top coat, is what provides that glossy shine to your car and will protect the paint coat from harmful elements.

We use a high-quality clear coat that will last for years to come. This is so important for the longevity of your part to ensure the paint doesn't get dull or fade over time and start to affect the integrity of the paint beneath it.

Check out our article on clear coat.

We can offer most of the part grades/classifications and you'll just need to let our team know which one you're looking for!

As for parts listed on our website, the title or drop down option will usually allow you to select from the options we have for that specific part, such as aftermarket or OEM.

If the listing does not explicitly say OEM or CAPA-certified, the default part sold is aftermarket. We source all of our parts from reputable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure your new part fits just like your original one so you can rest assured that you'll have no problems with installing our parts.

Even if the part listing does not list OEM (dealership) and CAPA (certified automotive parts association)-certified car parts, we can usually still get them for you. Simply call us at 281-561-5300 for a price quote or fill out the form on our Parts Request page.

Keep in mind, that OEM or CAPA-certified auto body parts will be priced higher than aftermarket parts. However, paint service costs will remain the same and free shipping is still included.

Paint Match Guarantee - ReveMoto Painted Auto Body Parts