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Cost of replacing Infiniti FX35 front bumper and fender

July 26, 2013 2 min read

A few days ago, a customer walked in asking us to give him an estimate of how much it would cost to fix his 2004 Infiniti FX35 front bumper and fender. Needless to say, after we quoted him, his car is now sitting in our shop waiting for us to finish painting his Infiniti FX35 front bumper and fender.

Apparently, he had gone to a few body shops around Houston and the cheapest he was able to find to replace the FX35 front bumper and fender was going to cost him about $1600 for the parts and to get them painted. So, he asked us what our price would be and we were able to save him about $800!

The reason local body and paint shops or dealerships quote customers so much higher is because:

  • Standardized labor costs - The average labor costs are $65-$95/hour, so not only are you paying for the paint but you're also paying them for painting services at an hourly rate.

  • Paint expenses - Since most body shops repair individual cars one-by-one, they often don't order a large quantity of paint supply (thus, they pay a higher price point for paint products).

  • Insurance quotes - Although unethical, some places will quote you based on how much they think the insurance companies will offer. So, they'll simply inflate the pricing because they know you can pay it.

  • Here's a breakdown of our pricing vs. the one our customer received:

    Other Houston shop

    Parts cost: $507 Parts cost: $800
    Paint/labor cost: $350 Paint/labor cost: $800
    Total cost: $857 Total cost: $1600

    Overall, our customer was able to save almost $800 (or 46%) of the lowest estimate they were quoted! We're happy to have earned his business, and we'll be posting pictures soon of how the Infiniti FX35 front end turned out! Stay posted!