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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Side View Mirror?

February 01, 2022 4 min read

cost to replace a side view mirror

Side view mirror replacement costs about $150 to $350, including parts and labor at an auto repair shop. Your cost will be less if you install it yourself, but the actual cost to replace a side view mirror depends on your car's make and model and the repair shop's rates, if you use one. You can lower your cost by ordering a replacement side view mirror and installing it yourself.

The Cost to Replace a Side View Mirror

A side view mirror seems like a minor fix, but the part can be expensive, and the replacement often takes time to install due to wiring. You may end up paying just as much or more for labor as you do for the part itself.

Your actual cost will depend on your make and model. It will also make a difference if your mechanic is using OEM replacement parts or used parts to install. You may end up paying just as much or more for labor as you do for the part itself.

Typically, you can expect to pay between $150 to $350 for a side view mirror replacement with a mechanic or dealership. Most vehicle owners will pay around $250 for this service.

Insurance Claims for Side View Mirrors

Most vehicle owners do not make insurance claims for side view mirrors. Often, the cost of the claim is lower or near enough to their deductible that it doesn't make sense to file the claim, as you can lose claim free discounts or experience a rate hike. It's typically best to simply pay out of pocket for the repair and take it to a mechanic or handle it yourself.

One exception is if the damage to your side view mirror occurred during an accident with another driver that can be identified. In that case, you can claim the repair on the other driver's insurance, and it should be paid in full with no impact to your insurance coverage. However, side view mirror damage often occurs while the vehicle is unattended, or is the driver's fault, so at-fault side view mirror insurance claims are rare.

Replacing a Side View Mirror

Replacing a side view mirror is easy work, but it can take time, as it often involves removing the door panel. Follow these steps to properly remove and replace your side view mirror:

  • Inspect the side view mirror assembly: In some older vehicles, your side view mirror may be simply mounted with exterior screws. If so, your installation is easy: simply remove the screws and mirror, then replace it with a new mirror and screws.
  • Remove the door trim panel: If your vehicle doesn't have exterior access to the mirror mounting, you'll need to remove the door panel. This requires you to find the fasteners, typically behind vanity caps or recesses. You'll need to use a screwdriver to remove them and be careful not to break snap on clips as you remove the door panel.
  • Disconnect the electrical cable: Once you have access to the mirror from the back side, you'll need to disconnect the electrical cable (assuming you have power windows).
  • Remove the side view mirror: With the door panel and electrical cable removed, you're ready to take off the old side view mirror. This typically requires you to remove screws on the interior side of the door.
  • Put it back together: Installation of the new side view mirror is a reverse of the previous process. You'll need to screw in the new mirror, attach the electrical cable, if any, and put the door trim panel back on the door. Before you put the door trim panel back, be sure to test your power windows and power mirror to ensure that you've connected it all back together properly.

Protecting Your Side View Mirror

Although a side view mirror replacement is easy, it's probably a repair you'd prefer not to do more than once. Unfortunately, side view mirrors are a common target of accidents and vandalism. But it is possible to take steps to protect your side view mirror from damage:

  • Avoid close parking: Damage often happens as people are walking through parking lots or opening doors. In parking lots, do your best to leave plenty of space between your car and other cars. Park next to walls or other non parking spaces when possible, or park far away from other vehicles.
  • Fold in your mirrors: If your side view mirror offers a folding option, fold it in every time you park, or when you're expecting close quarters. It's also a good idea to fold in mirrors when you're going through a car wash.
  • Avoid parking on the street: Mirrors can be hit by passing vehicles on the street, or even become an easy target for vandals. Park in a garage at home whenever possible.
  • Take care when backing out: Use extra caution when you're backing out of garage. You may do it every day, but you're not on perfect auto pilot. Many side view mirrors are hit while pulling out of the garage, especially if you have to turn to get out.
  • Be careful in tight spaces: Just like backing out, take care and take your time any time you're pulling into a tight parking space.
  • Avoid control abuse: Don't let kids play with power mirror controls, as this can wear the parts down and lead to internal damage.

Have you had side view mirror damage? Let us know how your repair went, especially if you made it a DIY project!