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Process When Ordering Your Painted Car Part

August 18, 2015 4 min read

So you're ready to order a new painted car part from ReveMoto: but what happens after you place your order? ReveMoto carefully matches paint codes, professionally paints each part, and performs a top of the line process for quality control and inspection, packaging, and shipping. Getting your new part shipped out quickly and in perfect condition is our highest priority.

Ordering Your Painted Car Part: Processing and Shipping from Start to Finish

Most orders will arrive at your door 3 weeks after your place your order. This depends on our paint queue, quality control, and shipping times.

When our lead times are short, you can receive small parts such as side mirrors as fast as five days from placing your order, or as long as three weeks for fenders and bumpers. If you're in a rush to receive your new painted part, please contact us at to ask about our current lead times and find out how long we expect to take to get your part painted, inspected, packaged, and shipped to your door.

Painting Your New Auto Body Part

At ReveMoto, a proper paint match must meet our highest quality standards. That's why we ask for both your paint code and VIN. With these numbers, we verify each order to ensure the paint code we use is correct for your vehicle.

This paint code is used to generate a perfect match for your vehicle in our system. If you prefer, you can send in a part for color matching, but this is usually not necessary: all we ask for is the VIN and paint code.

Once your paint code is verified, your car part is placed in the painting queue. While in the queue, your order status will read: Awaiting Fulfillment. Depending on demand, your part will be painted within one to five business days of your order placement. Note: ReveMoto does not operate on the weekends.

Every car part is painted in our state of the art paint booth using proper techniques for paint matching and applying paint. Our paint booth is well ventilated and cleaned frequently to minimize dust and debris, giving your new part a perfect finish.

Once painted, each car part is set to cure for two days. This allows the paint and finish to completely dry and harden, and minimizes smudges, dust, and other issues. After curing, your order status will read: Awaiting Shipment.

ReveMoto's Quality Control Standards for Painted Auto Body Parts

After curing, each car part will go through our quality control process. In this process, we'll check for visible paint debris or drips. Any small imperfections will be buffed out.

If there is a problem with the paint and it is unacceptable for any reason, ReveMoto will fix the problem, either by repainting the part, or painting an entirely new part.

Customers will be notified if their order does not pass inspection, and all orders that are repainted through quality control will be placed at the front of the queue to minimize wait times. After repainting, the part will pass through quality control and inspection once again.

Products that pass quality control and inspection will be photographed and sent to packaging and shipping.

Packaging and Shipping Your Painted Auto Body Part

Parts that are painted, cured, and have passed quality control will be ready for packaging and shipping. We carefully package each part to ensure that it reaches your door undamaged and just as perfect as it is in our shop. Note: local pickup in Houston is available by appointment. Local installations are available as well.

Parts that are packaged before 2 p.m. will be shipped out the same day, parts packaged after 2 p.m. will be shipped out the following day.

We use USPS, freight, and FedEx for shipping depending on the method and part selected when you place your order. Shipping times can vary from 2-3 days for side mirrors shipped via USPS to 7-10 days for bumpers and fenders. Our current shipping times are:

  • via USPS:
    • 7-10 days for bumpers & fenders
    • 2-3 days for side view mirrors
  • via freight:
    • 5-7 days for bumpers, fenders, hoods
  • via FedEx:
    • 4-5 days for bumpers & fenders

In shipping, you'll receive a photo of the finished product if available, as well as your shipping information including the tracking number. Once shipped, your order status will be updated to read: Shipped, and you can expect to receive your order within the posted shipping times.

After You Receive Your Painted Car Part

We encourage you to install your new part as soon as you receive it to verify that you have the proper fit and paint match. If there's a problem, we want to know about it immediately so that we can begin working on a new part that will meet your needs. You'll receive a follow up contact from us to ensure that you're happy with the product, and we encourage you to call or email us with your comments as well.

Our products are carefully packaged to minimize the risk of damage during shipping, but if your car part arrives damaged, don't worry: we've got you covered. Our products are insured by our shipping courier, and if your part is damaged during transit, just send us a photo of the damages. We'll put a new part at the top of the queue to ship out to you as quickly as possible at no additional charge.

Have any questions about the ordering and fulfillment process? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or email us at