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What are the different brands of automotive paint products?

December 02, 2014 5 min read

There are a ton of paint brands and products that exist under each paint line. For the sake of simplicity, we’ve broken up the paint brands by class.

Keep in mind, however, that we simply categorize the products according to the brand’s standards and not to a universal standard. For instance, although Wanda by AkzoNobel is listed under “Economical Automotive Paint”, it may be superior to Dimension by Sherwin Williams. However, Wanda is considered an economical option in comparison to AkzoNobel’s other two lines, Lesonal and Sikkens.

While there are several other paint options available, we’ve decided to focus on solvent-based paint products that are most often used in North America.

Economical Automotive Paint

Each paint brand offers their version of an economy paint line. This line usually offers efficient, quality, economical finishes. Usually consisting of simple, easy to use mixing systems, they deliver a balance between performance and price.

Wanda (AkzoNobel)

Wanda paint is the economical automotive paint refinish line in the AkzoNobel lineup. You may have heard of U-tech as well, but this paint is mainly used for fleets and commercial line productions. Wanda, however, has been introduced as the cost-effective option for body shops and painters. Wanda’s paint system uses a simplified approach to mixing ratios of clear, primer and 2K color and utilizes a universal hardener. These fewer components makes it easier to use and reduces inventory, therefore saving on costs.


Shop-Line is an efficient, quality, and economical refinish system available from PPG. The compact mixing system makes it easy to use. With a complete range of refinish products from pre-treatments to topcoats to clear coats, Shop-Line offers improved color matching with fewer coats needed.

Nason (Dupont)

Nason paint products are designed to go on fast and easy, while drying quickly to help improve efficiency. With Nason Ful-Base Color Mixing System, you should only need one mixing machine to product thousands of paint colors. Nason’s tagline is “Value in a Hurry” and their simplified products do just that.

Limco (BASF)

Limco is BASF’s economical paint solution and was engineered to provide simplicity to their user-friendly systems. The new LIMCO LP620 provides primer surfacer and sealer in one to help you put in less effort while staying productive and profitable. This product line is offers a wide range of refinishers and is focused on color matching and fast drying times.

Finish 1 (Sherwin Williams)

Finish 1 is Sherwin William’s value product line designed for smaller shops, over the counter sales and price conscious buyers. Finish 1 products are easy to use with the majority of product mixing ratios being 4:1.

High Quality Automotive Paint

The high-quality, mid-tier paint category usually consists of paint systems with a complete range of refinish products. These paint products offer superb color accuracy and ease of use, while maintaining the profitability of businesses.

Lesonal (AkzoNobel)

Made from AkzoNobel, the same makers of the Sikkens paint line, Lesonal is a high-quality, full mixing system. They have full color documentation and a wide variety of colors including metallics, pearls, and solids. Their full range of products enable use on a wide variety of jobs and offer perfect color matching.

Omni (PPG)

Omni Is a compact mixing system made from PPG. The line offers performance for cost conscious repair shops and has a complete range of products from pre-treatments to topcoats. Omni’s unique paint system can accommodate various operational and cost considerations since their system is capable of mixing topcoat qualities with a wide range of primers and clears.

Cromax/Chromabase (Dupont/Axaltacs)

Chromabase is part of Dupont’s (Axaltacs) Cromax product line. It is a 4:1 paint system designed to streamline the process to help promote better productivity and fewer mistakes. The paint is an easy to use two-component system that does not require reducers and offers great color and flake control.


Diamont is an R-M solvent borne basecoat system under the umbrella of the BASF company. Their paint offers efficiency and ease of use with clear economic advantages in rapid flash off times and minimum material consumption. Diamont’s covering power allows you to be more efficient while using less product to save on costs.

Dimension (Sherwin Williams)

Dimension Overall Refinish System is a mid-range coatings system from Sherwin Williams. This paint is ideal for facilities specializing in high volume overall repaints, and offers a complete paint system including primers, sealers, single stage colors, basecoats and clearcoats.

Premium Automotive Paint

Top-of-the-line, premium paint are considered the best of their brand. Delivering superior performance, these paint products are made to meet expectations in high productivity, cycle time and color match. The paint provides superior finish and is often used for cars in show rooms or other high-end jobs.

Sikkens (AkzoNobel)

Sikkens is the premium automotive paint product made by AkzoNobel and has partnerships with high end car makers such as McLaren to come up with new coatings for the demanding Formula 1. It provides excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability to match OEM solid, metallic, and pearl color effects. Sikkens paint offers superior protection from the environment while ensuring optimal color match capabilities.

Deltron (PPG)

Deltron, made by PPG, is the best-selling refinish system in North America. It offers a full range of easy to use products and solutions that cover every conceivable need. Backed by PPG’s Paint Performance Guarantee Program, any repairs made with the Deltron System is promised to be good for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. With a range of powerful color tools, Deltron’s paint system is superb for color match and OEM alignment.


Also made by PPG, Global products were developed in Europe to meet the demand for a high-performance, high-solids system that delivers superior color matching for vehicles sold around the world. Global paint products are also backed by PPG’s Paint Performance Guarantee Program.

Standox (Dupont)

Standox is a premium paint product made by Dupont. This superior paint product is not just for any technician, but designed for those who approach refinishing as an art. Standox has been in the market for over 55 years and is used in more than 80 countries in the world who have a passion for perfection.

Spies Hecker (Dupont)

Another premium paint product made by Dupont is Spies Hecker. They provide refinishing solutions for the industry’s best collision repair businesses. Spies Hecker offers advanced, innovative refinishing technology solutions to ensure great color matching and very good gloss and flow.


Glasurit is a premium automotive refinish paint system with over 100 years of outstanding quality. It stands alone as the global standard of excellence in refinish paint. Glasurit paint achieves the ultimate blend of speed, ease of use, color match and durability. This comprehensive system helps deliver perfectly matched products and processes from primer to clearcoat.

Ultra 7000 (Sherwin Williams)

Ultra 7000 is Sherwin Williams’s top of the line refinish paint system. This versatile solvent-bourne product line delivers premium urethane performance to customers expecting the highest in productivity, cycle time and color match.