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Why Are Body Shops So Backed Up?

February 04, 2022 3 min read

Why Are Body Shops So Backed Up?

If you’ve had your car in the shop lately, you won’t be surprised to hear many shops are working on a backlog. Amid shortages of everything from cream cheese to lumber, car parts are no exception – and it’s slowing down auto body shops everywhere. 

Why Body Shops Take So Long

Body shops are delivering bad news more than ever. While auto repairs are never something to look forward to, the frustration of repairing a vehicle is compounded if the shop doesn’t have the parts you need to repair your car – and can’t get them installed today, tomorrow, or maybe even next week.

Here’s what’s causing trouble for auto body shops:

  • Higher demand for parts: The chip shortage has led to a shortage of new vehicles. And many drivers, when faced with waiting weeks or months for a new car (at a largely non-negotiable price) decide to hold on to an older car longer – which means more frequent repairs. But as more drivers turn to repairing vehicles rather than replacing them, that increases demand for auto body parts.
  • Lower supply of parts: The auto body parts supply chain has had the same issues so many other supplies face. Manufacturing facilities have dealt with spikes in the price of materials, workforce shortages, and delays in receiving materials from ports. Parts that once took half an hour to get from a distribution center could now take amonth or more to come in
  • Labor shortage: Just like your favorite restaurant or retail store, auto body shops are facing a labor shortage. So even if the shop has your part on hand or is able to get your part quickly, you might still need to wait for a qualified technician’s availability to install it.

The auto parts shortage is expected to continuethroughout 2022.

How long does it take to get your car back from the body shop? There's no clear answer. It's somewhat of a lottery, as the part you need may be in stock, or it might take weeks or months to get. Certainly don't wait until it's an emergency, because you could be without a car for quite some time.

Will You Pay More For Auto Body Repairs in 2022?

Yes. Expect to pay more at the auto body shop than you used to even just a couple of years ago. The law of supply and demand is at play here, and as auto body shops face pressure from shortages, they’re also paying more for parts as inflation of consumer goods hits every sector – including auto body parts. 

All told, prices have gone upabout 25% for major auto parts. And as shops deal with the labor shortage, many have to increase wages to attract technicians, which again drives up your cost of auto body repair.

DIY Auto Body Repair Can Save Time and Money

When the body shops are backed up, you’re stuck in a predicament. Leave your car in the shop and wait until parts become available, and you'll be without a vehicle. Good luck finding a rental car – those are in short supply, too.

But there’s another option:handle your own auto body repair.

Many auto body parts are easily replaceable. Instead of repair, you can order a new painted part and install it at home. Generally, you don’t need specialized tools to replace commonly repaired parts such asbumpers,fenders, andside-view mirrors. And if it's driveable, you can still use your car while you wait on your part, instead of having it sit in the shop.

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